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Learn more about our reseller partnerships including partnership levels and white label branding.

What does it mean to be a reseller partner?

When you become a reseller partner, you'll get a personal dashboard where you can create and manage Ecwid stores for your customers. You'll receive discounts on all of Ecwid's paid plans, which you can then resell to your customers for a profit.

What types of reseller partnerships are available?

We have different levels of reseller partnerships depending on your business needs.

Silver: The best option for companies that have a small number of customers and are just getting started selling e-commerce. Silver Partners create and manage their customers' stores manually through their reseller dashboard.

Gold: Best for companies that have an existing platform or service and want to integrate e-commerce. Gold Partners have access to our Partner API for automated account provisioning.

Enterprise: Large companies that need a fully customized solution may be good candidates for our Enterprise partnership, which requires a minimum monthly commitment. If you think this might be a good fit for you, contact our team at ec.partnersales@lightspeedhq.com to discuss your needs.

Will my customers know that it is an Ecwid store?

Ecwid is white label-ready, so you can rebrand it as your own solution. When white-labeled, the Ecwid brand is completely removed throughout the platform. It's a great way to add e-commerce to your business without spending the time and money to develop your own solution.

You can also co-brand your solution, which means Ecwid branding will remain on the sign-in page and control panel. This option lets you share more of Ecwid's collateral and resources with your customers since branding won't be a concern.

Are there other ways to partner with Ecwid besides being a reseller?

Yes! If you would prefer to promote Ecwid to your network without managing any accounts, you can become a Referral Partner.

When you sign up, you'll receive a free referral program link. Whenever a new merchant creates or upgrades to an Ecwid paid plan through your link, we’ll give you 20% commission for the life of their store.

Get started at ecwid.com/partners/referral.


Get an overview of how billing works for you and your customers.

How much does it cost to be a reseller partner?

Silver and Gold Partners pay an annual partnership fee, which provides access to the reseller dashboard and discounts.

  • Silver: $499/year
  • Gold: $1499/year

You are then charged monthly for the active stores on your account. The price for each store is based on your partnership level.

Finally, we offer a few add-on features for an additional fee.

What add-on features are available?

There are a few features available as add-ons for your reseller partnership: advanced setup of your stores' control panel, a white label WordPress plugin, and a custom domain. If you would like to add any of these features to your partnership, please contact our team at ec.partneraccount@lightspeedhq.com.

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Advanced Setup

You have the option to customize your customers' control panel, which is useful if you want to limit the options available to them or highlight specific apps or features. With advanced setup, you can:

  • Hide certain menu items
  • Pre-install apps
  • Customize available apps
  • Add a custom URL for upgrade buttons
  • Hide the onboarding wizard
  • Customize the available shipping or payment options

Note, this will customize the control panel for all of your clients. We cannot customize for individual stores.

White Label WordPress Plugin

If you are building WordPress sites for your customers, our white label plugin is an easy way to add e-commerce. Some of the benefits of our WordPress plugin include:

  • Seamless integration with WordPress control panels and websites
  • Automatic updates
  • PCI DSS Level 1 security for stores

Custom Domain

By default, all reseller partners receive neutral-branded domain, login, and customer control panel links. By adding a custom domain, you can strengthen your brand and provide a more seamless experience for your customers.

How do my customers get billed?

Ecwid does not provide a billing system, so you can bill your customers however you’d like. 

While we will charge you for each store you create at your flat discounted reseller rate, you can charge your customers any amount in any currency. The difference between what we charge you and what you charge your customers is yours to keep.

Note, we will charge you in $USD, so set your prices for customers accordingly.

What happens if I need to change or cancel a customer's plan?

You will see any changes in your customers' plans reflected in your next month's bill. Upgrades will be billed at a prorated rate based on the date of change, but downgrades will not be issued a refund. We typically recommend downgrading a store right before its renewal date to avoid unnecessary charges.

If you need to cancel a customer's plan, you can suspend it in your reseller dashboard to prevent future renewals and charges.

Note, while suspending a store prevents your customer from accepting new orders, they will still be able to log into their control panel and access their product listings and past orders. If you need to remove a customer's access entirely, you should change the email address used for that store.


Receive priority support from Ecwid's Partnership and Customer Care teams.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need technical support?

If you have not yet signed up as an Ecwid Partner, our sales team is happy to help answer any questions that you have: ec.partnersales@lightspeedhq.com.

Reseller partners receive priority support from the Ecwid Partnership and Customer Care teams. Depending on your needs, you can reach our teams as outlined below:

Reseller partners also received a link in their welcome email for our Customer Care team's live chat support.

Finally, if you'd like to stay updated on Ecwid's system performance, you can subscribe to updates at status.ecwid.com.

Does Ecwid provide support for my customers?

Partners are responsible for providing support for their customers, as the reseller relationship prevents Ecwid from contacting customers directly.

However, we will provide support and training materials for you, and we are here to answer any additional questions that you might have!

Are there white label support materials?

Yes! We have a neutral-branded version of our help center which you can share with your customers. You can browse and search our library of topics at help.shopsettings.com

Partners also receive access to a partner portal full of sales guides, marketing materials, white label assets, and more.


Learn how to create and manage your customers' stores from your Reseller Dashboard.

How do I create stores for my customers?

It is simple to create and manage your customers' stores in your reseller dashboard.

1) Click "Add new subscription" at the bottom of your dashboard.

2) Enter the store name and the email and password that your customer will use to log in (they will be able to change this later).

3) Choose the subscription plan (Venture, Business, Unlimited) and billing period (monthly or annual) for the store.

That's it! You'll see the new store in your dashboard right away, and it will appear on your next month's billing statement.

How do I add a store to my site builder/CMS?

Ecwid can easily be added to any website or blog, either as an entire online store, widgets, single product cards, or "Buy Now" buttons. All you need to do is copy and paste the store code to the website page.

Below are the general instructions on how to add a store to a website. You can also find more details in our help center.

1) From the store admin panel, go to Sales channels > Overview.

2) Scroll to the "Sell on your website" section, and click Learn more next to the "Custom website" section.

3) Click Copy code to Clipboard. This is the ready-made code for your store.

4) Go to your website editor and open the page where you want to display the store.

5) Paste the store code to the source code for that page. There may be an HTML, source tab, or a separate button to add code depending on the website. If you are not sure how to add custom code to your website, contact your website developer for more detailed instructions.

Is there a demo store I can show my customers?

Reseller partners have access to demo accounts on the Unlimited plan, which can be used however you'd like. Typically, we recommend adding a demo store to your site and/or using it for customer demonstrations.

Silver Partners receive 2 demo accounts, and Gold Partners receive 3.

Can my customers have a free plan?

You can create stores for your customers on a Free Demo plan. The Free Demo has all of the functionality of the Venture plan, but with a disabled checkout process so your customer cannot make any actual sales. This is a great way to introduce customers to the features and functionality of a store, and then drive them to upgrade once they are ready to begin selling.

You will not be billed for any stores on the Free Demo plan. Once your customer is ready to upgrade to a paid plan, the products and settings from their demo account will remain.

Note, the Free Demo plan replaces Ecwid's free plan for direct merchants, which only allows 10 products and limited features. 

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